Issue 2: Apples

by thomandaimee

Apples are the most famousest of fruits, having about 7,500 cultivars worldwide and a profound impact on human history and culture. Which other fruit have had cameos in religious paintings, fairy tales and wise sayings?

There are several types of apples available in our markets. Fuji is almost available all year round and its sweetness makes it a natural dessert apple, though we prefer eating them on their own. Granny Smith is primarily one of the few green apples we get around here. It’s great in rich pastry desserts like pies and tarts. The Jazz apple is terrible pretty (as you can see in the picture above). I wouldn’t doubt if this was what the Evil Queen gave Snow White. It’s red hue is inviting and the bite crisp and refreshing. You can find other types such as Envy, Gala and the occasional Pink Lady.

Despite having apples readily throughout the year, there’s just something about September that begs the tartness of this humble yet majestic fruit. After our experience with apricots, it was natural for us to seek the comfort of familiarity in apples. This allowed us to take on uncommon recipes. We always like a challenge.