by thomandaimee


The Ispahan is probably the most copied desserts of all time. It is like a rite of passage for all aspiring patissiers. To be able to succeed is like reaching the highest peak of Everest – okay, not trying to undermine the extraordinary efforts of proper mountaineers. Just a form of expression!

It’s like a Duchess of Macaron, with a monstrous poufy skirt layered with tons of jewellery (raspberries and lychees). I would even go so far to call it Macaron de Pompadour. A woman but a very remarkable woman indeed. The other macarons probably bitch about her all the time.

We referred to recipes from Travelling Foodies and Kitchen Musings since the actual book cost about $300. Our only reserve was the butter cream as it loses its structure after being removed from the fridge. We did batches of different butter cream but nothing seemed to work. Butter tends to melt in warm humid conditions and not until we can have an air-conditioned kitchen, there is no way our pastries will hold their shape.

Although The Incident of The Butter Cream was a boohoo, the overall result was worthy of a pat on the back. For a first time, I’d say we conquered Mount Faber (probably the only mountain in the world that’s not an actual mountain.)