As all things that happened, this blog came about after some ideas were thrown at a spur of the moment. It was whirlwind of a few words: seasonal produce, local markets, kitchen garden, wholesome and simple food – things we stand for.

From a tropical island called Singapore, our lack of land meant we do not have a large agricultural industry and many of our foods are imported. Seasons experienced here varies from hot, very hot, wet and very wet. The only significant seasonal produce is probably the durian. But this cosmopolitan city has different peoples and their cuisines from all over the world making their stamp here. From the humble kopitiam (coffee shop) to michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants, this island is a food hub of the world.

What we want to start, or hope to, is to get people back to cooking and appreciating food created from their own kitchens. Local wet markets should not be overridden by supermarket giants (though in Singapore, it proves to be difficult in this age). The small and few farms here should have as much support they can get. If you are looking for restaurant reviews, you are definitely at the wrong place.

Thom and Aimee are manifestations of our parents’ names. Yet our grandmother remains our biggest influence, with the many mouthwatering dishes that came out of the kitchen when we grew up with her around.

This is a reflection of our adventures in the kitchen and garden, and our beliefs in eating from the ground. We are not professionals and have never taken a single cooking class. We are just two hobbits making our way to Mordor.

NED is usually the one cooking and she owns the One Wok to rule them all. She’s trying to grow her own moustache, quite unsuccessfully.

DEVON has too many comedic moments in kitchen that she’s demoted to the dishwasher. She sometimes hears a stupid blue box around the corner.

Both are children of the 90s.