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Apricot Packets

This is great for apricot leftovers, and quite a stage for them to shine. It will highlight the lushness of the fruit and allow the hidden flavours to balloon up. Easy to prepare, this is the perfect note to end of any meal.

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Apricot & Oat Bread

When a person eats a lot of rice, he or she is usually called a fan tong. It means Rice Bucket. I’m probably a Bread Bucket then.

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Apricot Jam

Here’s a little tidbit: I am not a big fan of jam. Yet there is something romantic about making your own preserves and storing them into beautiful jars. Just remember one thing: apricots and vanilla are best mates.

Before you start with the jam, start with the jars. Place the glass jam jars and lids in a pot of cool water and bring it to a boil. Do not put the jars straight into boiling water or the glass will crack.

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Apricot Tart

The Apricot Tart. This got us snowballing into chaotic mad bears. It just screams at you to make it, hence the overzealous purchase of apricots.

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Apricot & Caramel Madeleines

These French little cakes always remind me of the cartoon Madeline. The girl donning a lovely yellow and so very small but full of character. This being our first attempt, we’re proud to say that they turned out perfect. Beginner’s luck!

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Issue 1: Apricots

Why apricots? There is no real reason why N and I chose it. It was just an accumulation of ideas thrown back and forth, and it was either them or peaches. But we were very gung-ho, or  just plain naive. Either way, apricots became our first experiment for Thom & Aimee.

Apricots are strange little fruits. They look like peaches with their yellow pinkish bottoms, and that’s probably where the similarities end. They are like Robin to Batman (Peaches). Important but always the sidekick.

Since they are rarely used in Asian cooking, we have never really eaten them before. Both of us being apricot virgins, it was new territory for us and knew not what to expect. (And made our fair share of mistakes.)

Verdict of the Taste Test: “Oh. Right…..”

We were slightly underwhelmed by its flavour – a tad too shy and mildly bitter. Suddenly, we wondered if it was a good decision lugging tonnes of them home. (Mr. Nigel Slater did say that they tend to disappoint.) But do give these apricots a chance; they like to surprise the doubtful after some cooking as we found out. I’ll let N talk about the recipes…

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