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Frivolité Macarons (Salted butter caramel and apple)

Pierre Hermé was probably the first celebrity I’ve ever met and something I never forget. Having him shyly thank you for enjoying his famed desserts was just surreal. Then, macarons were not as popular as they are now. One could say my virgin taste of a macaron was from the Master’s hands (No, not John Simm’s). Since then, there was no looking back.

There are plenty of macarons offered within the island today but good ones are scarce. Having tasted many of the tiny sweets from across the world (thanks to a well-travelled brother), we were able to appreciate how difficult it is to have consistent and almost perfect macarons in one box.

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Nigel Slater’s Apple Crumble

Every family needs their very own go-to crumble recipe. This is a classic dish that even a noob like me can make. (Not that I made this particular crumble, but if I did, I could. Naysayers stand aside.)

The best thing about a crumble was that it was not bound by a season; in fact, it celebrated what the seasons had to offer. In Spring, there would be strawberries and rhubarb, and followed by blueberries and raspberries for summer. Autumn called for blackberries and apple, and pear and cranberries for the harshest of winters.

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Toffee Apple Sponge pudding

Ahhh… pudding. The word just conjures up sugary smiles and soft hugs. The moment I stepped into the kitchen when the pud was in the oven. A thought came to my head: “This is what my kitchen will smell like when I have my own children”.

A pudding is such an unpretentious dish. There is no fussing about. It is not as technical binding as a choux pastry or nerve-wrecking as a delicate soufflé. What you see is what you get when it came to pudding. If Jamie is the Naked Chef, this pudding is the Naked Dessert. One simply pops it out and lavishes it with lovely sweet sauce.

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Apple Jelly

There were always apples in the kitchen. After dinner, our Mom would peel and cut them into thick slices. They were probably a substitute for our lack of vegetables in our diet. (It was not that she did not cook vegetables; we just did not like them very much.)

Lucky knew when Apple Time was. He would wait anxiously behind Mom as she cut them. He would bark at her for some of the fruit. She would sneak small pieces to him because she loved the crunching sounds he made. Then he would go to every single person in the family to get more servings. He was smart that way. Or greedy, one could never tell.

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Apple and Olive Oil Cake with Maple Icing

Every part of the world has an apple cake of their own. An English apple cake would be different from a Swedish Äppelkaka or a Russian Sharlotka. The Americans have their pie, and the French their tarte tatin.

And Yotam Ottolenghi has his Apple and Olive Oil cake. Okay, Yotam is not a country but a chef from Israel who is based in the UK. The fact that this recipe does not include butter but olive oil intrigued us. With the subtleties of olive oil and playfulness of cinnamon, the apple still remains very much the star.

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Pancakes with Apple Compote and Crème Fraîche

Brunch is a huge event on this little island. More and more restaurants in Singapore are making breakfast items available all day. Who doesn’t love waking up at 12 noon on a weekend, slipping on those flip-flops and pushing in mouthfuls of eggs and pancakes down your throat? That’s the beauty of brunch.

But it doesn’t come cheap. At about an average of $25 a plate, why not make your own breakfast? So N and I decided to wake up at an unearthly hour to make pancakes and eggs.

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